Remembering Chaz Jacob Bruner

A place to celebrate the amazing life of Chaz Jacob Bruner.

The Blankenbecklers


I am so thankful the Lord brought Chaz into our lives, especially as Jace's dearest friend. On our recent spring break trip, Jace was sharing with me what a special bond he has with Chaz. As we were walking through Disneyland, Jace said, "Chaz is one of those rare friends you find who you can always be yourself with and they just get you and accept you." This deep friendship happened because Chaz was kind, caring, funny, accepting, loyal, and  fun.  he will never be forgotten. Jace's life will never be the same because of the many ways Chaz impacted him. We grieve alongside you. Our hearts are broken. But we have hope in our Lord Jesus Christ for he has conquered sin and death! He lives and He reigns and we will see Chaz again. We love you guys.

With Love, The Blankenbecklers


Steve Segadelli

My heart is broken for this beautiful family.  I felt a particular connection to Chaz through his love of sports. We always found it easy to share conversations about our favorite teams, the Mariners, Seahawks and of course all things basketball. Much like my own son, Pat, Chaz was a quiet and thoughtful boy who was always more concerned about others than himself.  He was bright, dedicated to his studies, musically inclined and willing to try many sports. In his quiet, compassionate way he made friends easily and left his mark on anyone lucky enough to cross his path.  Above all this Chaz was a boy of faith who believe strongly in his God.

Here are a few pictures that remind me of my time with Chaz which I will always cherish.

Steve Segadelli


Kristen Gibson

Matt and Kathryn -   We are so very sorry for your loss and will remember Chaz forever!   He was so very polite and such a nice young person to be with.   We will miss him deeply as I know you do.   I know he will shine down brightly in all of our lives.   

Kristen and Matt

Megan, Dan, Kevin, Ryan and Jack

Chaz -- 
We were so excited to have you and your family join our Bear Creek “family” this year, and you will be greatly missed.  We pray that you are enjoying your eternal reward in Heaven.  Thank you for being a good friend to our boys.
Kathryn, Matt, Hannah, and Malia –
Your graciousness and strength during this most difficult time is truly inspiring.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your beautiful family.

Megan and Dan, Kevin, Ryan, and Jack   



Jeff Egberg

Hi guys, 
I just want to say I loved watching the boys play soccer together all those year. They had such fun and success and Chaz was always there ready to go and play. They won so many games and had so much fun starting in 1st grade to 7th and Chaz was involved in most if not all of those years as I remember. I am so disappointed I didn't take pictures!

It is a memory I am sure all the boys on the blasters will remember for the rest of their lives and Chaz will always be remembered as a staple and a member of a team that was so very good for their age and group. For the little time Ryan spent with Chaz he very much enjoyed being with him and always always had a good time!

Go Blasters!

The Khabani Family

Kensington kid…

We watched Chaz grow up in our neighborhood, that ALWAYS smiling kid riding his bike past our house...stopping to say hi, discussing the sports he shared with my kids.  We will miss him.  Love/prayers/thoughts/support to his mom, dad and sisters.
Cindee, Amin, Darek, Kadin and Meena Khabani

Olivia Triller

I got to know Chaz as I was the summer time nanny for Chaz Hannah and Malia when they were little. Chaz was such a delight to spend time with. He was kind, polite, and fun-loving. What struck me most was how incredible a big brother he was to his sisters. He was always patient and attentive with Hannah and Malia, looking out for them at all times. He loved having fun and playing with his sisters.

One of my favorite memories of Chaz and Hannah and Malia was having the three of them in my wedding. Chas was the best ring bearer you could hope for! He took his job very seriously. I loved watching as he presented the rings with such poise and care, as if he had done the job a million times in front of a crowd.

Chaz, you were such a sweet, kind, and wonderful young man. I'm thankful for the time I got to spend with you.

Matt, Kathryn, Hannah, and Malia, my heart and prayers are with you. The Triller and Boker families celebrate Chaz’s life and keep you in our prayers.

With so much love to each of you,
Olivia Triller and the Triller and Boker families


Karen Horvath

Dear Bruner Family,
We don’t know each other and have never met, but I wanted you to know that my heart is broken and devastated for your family.   Even though I see tragedies and pain every day, nothing can prepare us for the loss of a loved one – especially a brother and a child.  Please know that we are standing by your side and embracing you with our love.  
I am praying also that our good Father gives you a double portion of His grace and strength to sustain you in this time of immense grief and loss as you cling to Him.  I ask Him to give you a deep peace for your souls and an assurance of our blessed hope – that He has assuredly defeated death forever and Chaz has only gone ahead before us into the presence of our Savior and King.  I pray also that you will be able to grasp firmly onto our faith and the true and living promise of our God that it will be only a short time until we see Chaz again and will be united with him for eternity.   Even today, I look forward with great hope, anticipation and even excitement to this quickly approaching day when I will personally meet Chaz for the first time.  For the last few years I’ve started a ‘my 1st 100 years list’ – and today I’m adding maybe a breakfast and a bike ride with Chaz onto that list. 
Come quickly Lord Jesus!  
With a broken heart of love for all of you,
Karen Horvath, MD
(Kathryn Horvath’s mom – grade 10, Bear Creek)

Tia Bauman

I had class with Chaz last year and he was the best, i loved him and the first day of school at Redmond Middle he was shy but he didn't show it he smiled and was asking questions and he already knew kids, Chaz always came to school with a great, i had lunch with chaz and he was so funny he always had funny jokes and loved sharing them with us. Everyone was so sad when they heard he is going to bear creak, but everyone always knew he will still talk to us and say funny jokes, chaz was good at basketball and he was always the shinny star of the class, he will be missed like crazy and all redmond high school kids are so sad he is gone but he is in heaven with God and walking streets of Gold, he was an amazing kid and no one will forget him, Prayers are going to the family and i hope you guys are holding in. 
-Love Tia Bauman
Redmond High School Freshman

Karly Pridmore

it's been a week exactly since i found out that you had passed. trying to take the pain as knowing that two weeks ago you were still here, and that i never got to say goodbye. 6 days exactly since i found out about and realized i needed to write this to you and your family, starting it a thousand times but then deleting it all because i couldn't make it through the entire email.

i have nothing but positive things to say about Chaz, a funny guy and definitely one of my closest friends from 2nd-7th grade. SO thankful for our friendship. I hadn't seen you really since you left BCS but when i would come to church with Reece Foley, you were still the same kind, caring, funny guy as i had remembered. Chaz oh how i wish i could give you a hug, or just talk to you about life. I remember when we were younger (second grade) and we did the lantern walk around the school as a class and i thought yours was so cool that i copied it and you showed me how to do it. i remember 3rd grade pioneer farms jumping into hay stacks with you, 5th grade outdoor Ed when we were in the same cabin and you let me play football with you and the guys. I remember 6th grade mixer playing soccer with you o the field at the park, and 7th grade 3 day experience, ropes course at sambica, service project and the air museum. Chaz i want to thank you for ALL of these memories. For the laughs, inside jokes, projects, and so much more. I know for sure that God made you my friend for a reason. You are loved by many!!
See you soon buddyHappy

-Karly Pridmore

ps. i hope you Bruner's are doing okay! i wish i could just give you all a giant hug. thank you for the blessing of your son! praying for you all every single day

Nick and Lauren Blanchard

Chaz embodied all the qualities of a great young man. The term that best comes to our minds in describing Chaz is Role Model. He was humble, kind, impressionable, and a true gentleman. He had a quiet confidence about himself that was inspiring. Ever impressed after every interaction, we would always talk about how Chaz was so respectful, enjoyable to be around and SUCH a wonderful kid. We were devastated by the news of his passing because of how much we loved him, and the entire Bruner family. Amazing but not surprising, the outpouring of love shown from all who knew him reveals just how special Chaz was. He will forever be in our hearts.

With all our love,
Nick and Lauren Blanchard

These are some pictures taken last summer at our wedding. They were taken by Chaz’s Uncle Paul and Aunt Amy. We are so glad that he was able to be a part of our special day! 
Chaz 4Chaz 5Chaz1Chaz2

The Garcia Family

Dearest Chaz,

We have so many memories with your family from even before you were born. Uncle Steve and I remember the moment we celebrated with your parents when they announced their pregnancy with you! In the months and years that followed, we watched you grow and develop into such a wonderful young man. Having you and your parents in our lives when you were just a toddler in Hawaii was such a blessing to us. Although we live in different states now, we will always think of your family as one of our closest friends. 
Some warm memories include going on long walks with you and your mom around Mililani Mauka, babysitting you when your sister Hannah was born, going to the pool and playground together, seeing each other at church, and having numerous play dates together. You were such a good boy, and it was evident that you'd grow to be loved by many and find success in all areas of your life. Those were special times we shared, and ones we will always hold dear. 

It is so hard to believe that you are gone. Our hearts are broken and no words can describe our sadness. However, we know that you are in heaven and that we will see you one day again. Until then, we will continue to support and love your parents and sisters in every way we can, even all way from Hawai‘i. Your family is so special to us, and will forever be close in our hearts.

Love always,

Uncle Steve, Aunty Lynn, Tate and Joshua Garcia

The Olson Family

Matt and Kathryn- our family is linked forever to your family through the love of our Lord Jesus Christ, our shared experiences over many years at Trinity Church, and as friends and neighbors. These pictures only represent one small corner of our relationship, but in them, so many truths are revealed: Chaz was loved by all and he was a joy to be around. We all shared a love of the outdoors and coffee (trip to the original Starbucks was a dead giveaway) and you were amazing parents who introduced him to so many things in such a short life. Too short indeed, but we were blessed to be part of it. Thank you for letting us be a part of your journey over the years and know that we will keep you in prayer as you mourn the loss of his earthly presence with you. 
Much love, Holly, Brittany and TJ


The Giusti Family

Words are meaningless for such a senseless loss.
These pics are from the fondly remembered Coast Twins end of the season party, June 2013.

Our deepest, wholehearted condolences.

The Giusti Family


Kris Beaver

Chaz was a wonderful kindergarten student and I was blessed to be his kindergarten teacher.  A bit shy at first, as many are in kindergarten, he quickly made buddies with his friendly spirit, helpfulness and kind heart. He had a quiet frisky nature and especially enjoyed funny stories, jokes and riddles. His wonderful laughter and smiles were a treasure. Chaz was full of energy, especially during PE, Free Choice and on the playground. I recall students commenting that he was an incredibly fast runner. He loved to learn and worked hard, so it was no surprise to learn what an accomplished student and athlete he became.
Every year or so I was delighted by a visit from Chaz.  It was always terrific to see him. I'm so grateful for his visits and that he came by last June and still wasn't too grown-up to accept a hug from his old kindergarten teacher. The news of his death is heartbreaking, so I can only imagine the pain his family and friends must be going through right now.  You are all in my prayers.  I wrote this poem on the night I learned of his death. I hope it conveys the love and appreciation I have for Chaz, how lucky I was to have him in my kindergarten class.
Once upon a time teaching little souls
In a field of children, some eager, some wary,
I met a gentle boy with a heart of gold.
I learned to love deep, be creative and bold
Where anger and fear were temporary
Once upon a time teaching little souls.
When life seemed forever, each day so full,
Surprising and silly, never too scary -
I met a gentle boy with a heart of gold
Who ran fast as a frisky lamb back to the fold,
Was quiet and kind, observant and merry.
Once upon a time teaching little souls
Back when some believed magic tales told
Of superheroes, dragons and fairies
I met a gentle boy with a heart of gold
Who journeyed to heaven before growing old
Leaving memories and love too alive to bury
Like the joy of teaching such precious souls
As this gift from God, with a heart of gold.

Kris Beaver

The Schwartz Family

Dear Matt, Kathryn, Hannah & Malia,
We have such fun memories of watching the kids play together in the neighborhood and in Chelan.  Chaz was always so kind to Hannah and Jack, and he is a great role model to them both.   Some of our earliest special memories together were celebrating birthdays, going trick-or-treating and sledding in the cul-de-sac.  We still look across the street to your old house and picture the kids playing together.  We love you guys.
Steve, Kristi, Hannah & Jack Schwartz

Hannah's 3rd Birthday 054KristiIMG_2203KristiIMG_3845

Jace Blankenbeckler


The Peterson Family

Bruner Family,

We are thankful for the times when our family was able to get together.  We are thankful that our kids had the opportunity to know Chaz.  We all will remember him as kind, welcoming, and fun.  Our prayers are with you constantly.

We love you all,
The Peterson Family
chelan 2010 (13)mariners game june 2012Peterson IMG_3937vertical world 2012 (2)

John and Marilyn Seely

Katherine and Matt, Hannah and Malia,

You are in our thoughts and prayers as you grieve the loss of your precious, beautiful son, Chaz.  He was a very special person and one the world needed to bring joy, laughter and love to his beautiful family and friends.  You did an outstanding job raising him and your life will be full of memories and pride.  Chaz won't be forgotten.
Aloha to you all.

John and Marilyn Seely

Chelsea (Detwiler) Parker

To The Bruner Ohana,
As I reflected on all my memories of Chaz this week, I could not think of the right words to say. Chaz impacted my life in such a special way being that he was the very first baby I had the privilege to babysit. With the help of my parents, I remember that little guy spending the night at our house and how I was so excited to watch him. After your family had moved away, we kept in touch and when you guys got orders back to Hawaii, I was thrilled. I will never forget the way I was able to connect with Kathryn, this time around, having the privilege in helping with Chaz and Hanna around the house. I loved those moments and cherish all the memories I was able to make. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of his life. As I stood in worship this morning at church, my mom turned to me and said she couldn't help but think of Chaz and the Bruner Ohana. I began to cry but thank God for such a precious life for His plans are perfect. Although it may be hard to understand why, God knows and He works everything together for good. Love you guys and miss you all! Sending my love and prayers.

Love you,
Chelsea (Detwiler) Parker
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