Remembering Chaz Jacob Bruner

A place to celebrate the amazing life of Chaz Jacob Bruner.

Tanya Spoelstra

Dear Matt, Kathryn, Hannah and Malia:

As we reflect on the events of the past week and the deep sorrow we continue to feel, it is not difficult to understand the impact Chaz has had on his friends and our community. Throughout our many interactions with him this past year it was his last visit with us on Friday of Spring Break that was most memorable. Perhaps because we didn't understand then the gift God was giving through that one-on-one time with him. He was considerate and sweet in a way that lingers in our hearts. Thank you for lending him to us, we find comfort in knowing that his life is everlasting.

With Love,
The Spoelstra's


Tawnya-Ann Messenger

Chaz was such a kind, sweet, humble, genuine young man, son and big brother. Every time I got to see him or he would come to the office, he ALWAYS had a smile on his face...always willing to help with whatever was needed. He really was a true little gentleman. Mike and I and my family were lucky beyond belief to have him and the rest of the Bruner family at our wedding in Hawaii. Being able to have that memory of him spending a special intimate day with us is one we will never forget and I am blessed to have met such a beautiful soul. 

Jack Chapman

Chaz surely was the kindest high-school student to me. He never regarded me as a grade below but allowed me to become friends with him which not many upper schoolers have done. He had just moved into my neighborhood and we were planning on spending more time throughout the years hanging out and having fun together. Before him there was no one fun to hangout with in my neighborhood. we had only gotten together three or four times since he had moved in, but like I said we were planning on getting together more often to shoot hoops, especially during the summer. Chaz was such a baller, I could tell whenever I played with him and won that he was obviously going easy on me haha. The last thing I got talk to him was about his and my future together in highschool basketball. Well, that and which girls he thought were cute. Chaz was such a great friend and I will miss him very much. I wish I had had the initiative to go over to his house and hangout with him. Chaz, I am praying  for everyone that mourns your passing and especially for your Family, and also that you are having an amazing time up in Heaven with God. Ill see you up there bro, and when I get there, fill me on the best stuff you had experienced so far. I miss everything about you dude. You were so great.     From, Jack Chapman.

Rob McKenna

As a father of 13 and 15 year old boys, I do not begin to imagine the reality that Matt and Kaythryn have faced in the days that have passed and the days ahead. I met Chaz one time, and they have been so heavy on my heart all week. Chaz has impacted me and many around me in the coolest ways through something so tragic. On Tuesday, 65 nursing students and a dozen others over at SPU prayed for the Bruner family. His life and this loss touched many in that room and they don't even know them. On Friday, I asked a group of 25 businesspeople to pray for the Bruners when I spoke in Tacoma. I couldn’t just start talking with them without sharing what was on my heart. A woman spoke a beautiful prayer to the Lord. Afterward, a guy came up to me and said, "I was that kid. When I was 15, I should have died. Thank you for asking us to pray for the Bruner family. It brought something back in me that is important." Chaz's life is changing the hearts of many and the loops of God's Kingdom continue to be formed and shaped. I so wish it was not this way for the you Matt and for you Kaythryn and for your kids, and at the same time His grace is reflecting light all over this region because of Chaz's character and faith. I pray that God will help us to hold the reality of this horrible loss and his wonderful life that is shouting all around our community. 

Auntie Amy

My sweet nephew…


Connor Keith

Chaz was an amazing guy. He always helped me when I needed help. He was loving to everyone. Whenever I would need encouragement on something he would lift me up and help. For example, we were playing a video game together and I was not very good at it and we kept losing. Instead of getting mad at me and saying it was my fault we lost he said that I was getting better and then he gave me ways I could improve more. We eventually won and it was because of Chaz's loving heart. God said that the second greatest commandment is to love your neighbor and Chaz definitely did his best in following that. I really enjoyed my time with Chaz because of his great qualities and personality.


The Williams

Kathryn and Matt,
You raised a special young man who was accepting of others, supportive, kind and happy.  What an amazing life he lived! Chaz was incredibly blessed to have two supportive and loving parents. We are so sorry for your loss and will always remember the fun times playing baseball at Red West and soccer at BCS.
You are in our thoughts and prayers – Chris, Jan and Luke Williams
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The Drehers

Dear Mom, Dad, and sweet sisters of Chaz,

We are praying and thinking about your beautiful son and brother Chaz, who was and always will be a loved part of your family and the community. His spirit lives on in your hearts and in the hearts of all his friends and loved ones forever. We can see what a beautiful family you are and always will be as you hold on to your love for Chaz and find your way with the grief of his loss on earth.

As bereved parents and siblings, we want you to know that you are not alone and that our family is always here to support you and be an ear to listen. We'd love to hear more about your Chaz, and if you ever would like to talk to someone who has walked this terrible path, our family is here for you.


The Drehers

Veronica, Jon, Jillian, Susie (our Angel) and Genevieve

Meghan McCahill

One of my favorite things about babysitting the Bruners was watching the kids interact together. More than siblings, there were all friends. Our conversations were joyful, laugh-filled and consistently hopeful. Walking to the park, making dinner, watching a movie, etc. were simple things to do together but so much fun to do with the Bruners. Even if there was stress or work to be done, there was always love. Anyways, every time after the girls went to sleep, Chaz & I would stay up for a while longer watching the flash, working on homework and talking about life. These are some of my favorite memories and sweetest times. Chaz was a kind friend, a wonderful big brother and a follower of Christ. to the bruner fam—I love you all so much. Wish that I could be there with you. mail

Keith Family

Words can’t fully express the special place Chaz and the Bruner family hold in our hearts. We will forever treasure our many fun adventures together in Lake Chelan as friends and neighbors. We love you so much and will miss you dearly, Chaz. Grateful for the time God allowed us to have together.

Kevin, Kathy, Connor & Ainsley

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