Remembering Chaz Jacob Bruner

A place to celebrate the amazing life of Chaz Jacob Bruner.

Alice Johanneson

I had the privilege of attending the service at school the day after Chaz passed.  That moment allowed me to write this reflection:
"Today I did something awful and inspiring. A young man passed away yesterday, a fellow student, a friend. The school held a chapel this morning for the students. They split them up by class and sat them in a room to talk, reflect and grieve. A room of absolute silence. Silence not because it was required, not because there was a test, not to study. Silence because these poor kids were so sad. But as time passed they reached towards one another. They held each other through tears, they whispered condolences to their friends. These brave children took the time to write notes to the shattered parents. These strong kids supported their community and were also strongly supported. This is what we and our schools do, we raise these wonderful people to be supportive, empathetic, caring, loving, strong humans.

I am inspired."

RIP Chaz.  You are not forgotten.

Uncle Paul

Chaz wake boarding in one of his favorite places, Lake Chelan.

Tara, Mike and Travis Roth

Kathryn and Matt, I hope these photos bring back smiles of great memories. While it feels way to brief, we feel very blessed to have gotten to know Chaz.  Love to you all. 
-Tara, Mike and Travis Roth 


Craig Wyman

Chaz on June 11, 2011.

Jennifer, Theron, Carolyn, Ally and Charlotte Eichenberger

In February, we had the pleasure of skiing with the Bruner family for 2 days at Sun Valley.  The second day was full of fresh snow but so windy that the top of the mountain was closed and we felt like we were the only skiers on the mountain that day.  Around lunch time, we were surprised to see they opened the top.  Matt, Theron and Chaz took an amazing powder run top to bottom.  I so clearly remember Chaz’s smile and expression when he came in to the lodge where Kathryn and the girls and I were all eating and told us about the amazing run in untracked deep powder down Limelight.  Theron will never forget sharing that experience with Matt and Chaz.  Hannah, Malia and our girls had so much fun following Chaz off little ski jumps.   Talking to Chaz, you could hear how much he enjoyed his time with his family, vacations, basketball, Bear Creek and summers in Chelan.  Our hearts are with the Bruner family.  We will keep you all in our prayers.  Jennifer, Theron, Carolyn, Ally & Charlotte Eichenberger


Sheree James

We were new to the community. At a late-summer school social we were introduced by neighbors to the Burner family. Our son, Malakai, was not with us at the time. When I met Chaz I had a brief  conversation with him and it didn't take long for me to recognize that Chaz reminded me so much of my own son. He was so well-mannered, kind and soft-spoken but easily talked with adults. He mentioned basketball and running and I knew I had just found a new friend for our son. When I got the chance to introduce the boys they did become fast friends. They got to play basketball and run track together at RMS. Kathryn and I helped each other out with carpooling on a few occasions and the boys played in the community and at each others houses a few times. I would always think to myself, "that's the kind of kid I want my kid hanging out with!" Kai was disappointed to hear Chaz would be leaving his school and moving out of the neighborhood. We are thankful for the friendship Chaz offered our son when he was the new kid at school and in the neighborhood. We are praying for his family everyday.

Andrew Hom

My favorite memory of Chaz was before he came to Bear Creek. We were at a soccer camp and I didn't really know anyone. Then, this kid walked up to me and introduced himself. That kid was Chaz. For the rest of the camp, he was one of my only friends and he made the camp great. I'm going to miss everything about him, from his goofy smile to his amazing laugh. RIP Chaz.

Andrew Funk

I was in the same youth group and I would like to say that he was a cool person and that I'm praying for his family. Only picture I have of him.


Noa Ferman

Here are some photos I've gathered from myself and my peers.


Bouke Spoelstra

Dear Chaz, 
It's been hard to compose my thoughts. I miss you so much I can't think. I went to visit your family twice since you've left to try to be there for them in your absence, but I know I'll never be able to fill your shoes, and the way you cared for them more than anything else. I miss the way your smile parted the clouds and made the greyest of days sunny. Yesterday I picked dandelions for half an hour and put them under the flagpole, just because they reminded me of you, of the yellow sunshine. I can't learn in class, so I make paper airplanes that say "his smile parted the clouds, and cleared the way for dreams to soar" on the wings and throw them in your favorite classrooms. I don't know how I'm going to continue without you, everything you said and did to me was perfect love. The way you just talked to me that last night, the way you let me open to you, I will always cherish that. I didn't deserve to be the last person you went out with. You gave me everything and I never got the chance to repay you. I know you're happier now then you ever would have been, and it's selfish of me to want you back, but I miss you brother. I'll see you soon.


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