Remembering Chaz Jacob Bruner

A place to celebrate the amazing life of Chaz Jacob Bruner.

Mark Hansen

June, 2011

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Timothay Gephart

Chaz was the most generous, most including teen I've ever seen. He always was willing to play some ball with my friends and I, and was always inviting whenever he was shooting hoops in the gym before school. The most memories I have of Chaz were in chelan, intertubing, football in the water, and ping pong. I remember running around Walmart on inflatable dolphins and sting rays, which we ended up persuading Chaz to buy. I wasn't as close as others were to Chaz, but he always made me feel close whenever I was around him. He was such a role model for my friends and I, who are a year younger. I'll miss you Chaz.❤️

Noa Ferman

The first day I met Chaz, I didn't get to sit with him. As soon as I heard his name, I recognized it from Dr. Bruner. Your father knew that Chaz and I were going into the same school the same year and so he always pepped him up saying I should say hi. So the first thing I asked Chaz was if he was Dr. Bruner's son. He said yes, but it was an awkward question to ask. It seemed like he got it a lot. The next day I say with Chaz and that was when we got our seats assigned. I sat with Chaz for he majority of that year. Each day he'd come into class. Chaz would try to do work, he was so hardworking. I would just completely destroy his journal writing little notes or drawing little pictures.

Most of them ended up being little doodles. I feel pretty bad looking back. But we joked about it a year later, so I'd say it was a good memory. Soon came spring and Chaz did wrestling. Since his nose got injured he had to wear this mask, all the wrestlers called him Cookie Monster because the mask made him look like one. I begged him to put it on in class so I could see what it was like, and they were right. But Chaz wasn't embarrassed by it he owned it. Chaz was a great Cookie Monster (maybe even better than the original!). Chaz was also good at basketball and I never missed a chance to embarrass him at his games by cheering super loudly. He did great he was really good at basketball. On the last day of school it was sad to see Chaz switch schools. He thought he'd have no friends (wow how he was wrong!). I asked him to sign my yearbook and he just didn't know what to say so he wrote, "stay straight as a ruler," and "prom?". Both of which made me laugh, but I was looking forward to making him keep his promise of prom. One day, we went to mods, and they have stickers that everyone puts up. Chaz of course had to go all out. He climbed the walls, (idek how that's p hard to do) and he stuck his sticker higher than anyone else, it took teamwork, but I give him most of the credit.

He  thought he would drown at his swim meets for some reason. When I tried out for the dance team and said I couldn't dance he said "well at least you won't drown". Which was true, but seemed so out of place because how would you drown in dance? I found it funny and quite comforting actually. Chaz was brace and although afraid he'd drown, he swam. Soon came tolo. Chaz and I didn't plan well we had about a days heads up we were going to go. I didn't have shoes and so I said I was going to wear pink vans or crocs. And Chaz just said to make sure my crocs match his tie, because we had to look "formal". One day, Caroline and I, we were both texting Chaz at the same time.  So I didn't end up wearing crocs and we didn't end up matching but it was a great night. When we went to take pictures Chaz pointed out how awkward it was being the only couple there that wasn't actually super into each other in that way. Something about the way he said it just made me laugh and that's what the pictures got. 


Kelsey Jobst

This is Chaz’s solo at our jazz festival last month.

WalnutCreekChaz from Paul Kawabori on Vimeo.

The Gullicksons

We first met Chaz when he was just a baby at our wedding. He impressed everyone with his good "baby manners" and adorable smile! Seriously, my mother in law still remembers this!!

Years later, we had the pleasure of really getting to know him better on a vacation together with our families, and again were impressed with his kindness to Hayden, who was younger than Chaz. Chaz treated Hayden like one of his good friends, built sand castles with him and tried to help him snorkel. Hayden thought Chaz was the coolest kid he'd met and talked about him for months afterwards. 

Thanks, Chaz, for being a peer example of kindness, generosity, and love of Christ. 

The Gullicksons 

Christian Johanneson


Jahnavi Movva

We miss you so much goofball


Sam Harold

Chaz, I miss you more than anything. You are my best friend. I remember one of the best days of my life was in this photo with you. I love you brother.


Tim Foley

Quiet strength
Warm heart
Encouraging friend
Positive influence
Imitator of Jesus
Reflection of Matt & Kathryn

Chaz Bruner, in fifteen years of life, impacted, influenced and inspired friends and family in ways that so many adults only wish they could.  His level -headed and thoughtful approach with peers truly transformed relationships.  Chaz knew how to avoid what he should and attach what he could.  Chaz treated adults with respect and his siblings with care.

God, thank you for connections with families and children like the Bruner's and Chaz.  Thank you that Chaz's impact and influence will be carried on through those whose lives he touched - like ours. Thank you for carrying Matt, Kathryn, Hannah, Malia and the grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins through the pain of loss.  Thank you for interceding when words can't be found.

Colleen Broaddus

Here are some photos we took of Chaz at his basketball games a few months ago.  We are so very sorry to hear of his passing and are praying for his family and loved ones.

In Christ's love,
Colleen Broaddus

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