Remembering Chaz Jacob Bruner

A place to celebrate the amazing life of Chaz Jacob Bruner.

Jenny and Daniel Yoo

My name is Jenny and my son Daniel Yoo is in 10th grade.

He wants to dedicate his cello play to Chaz for being so nice colleague and hope this could comfort your family and Chaz.....

We will pray for your family and Chaz all the time.......

Joseph Tsou

I remember around dig pink day, I created a stupid gang named "tyt". Every member in this gang is my favorite freshmen boys. Chaz was in it. I will never forget his smile, his laugh. Every time I said a stupid joke, his laugh would always make me smile. I will never forget the way he says "tyt" when he sees me. He is a great, funny boy. I miss him. My prayers and tears goes to him and his family.

Alex Gephart

This picture was not last summer, but the summer before. Chaz reached out to me. He made me feel like I was his best friend in Lake Chelan for two summers in a row. I could not have asked for a more fun dude to hang out with there. He was the best tubing buddy. Messing around on the beach, playing basketball in the yard, getting Pizza and ice cream at the small shops. I remember it so well. You better believe I was ecstatic when I found out Chaz was coming to Bear Creek. Another way he reached out to me was in hopes of shooting hoops in the gym about two weeks ago, showing his crazy dedication and willingness to get better for next season. He tracked me down courageously. Well, last Wednesday was supposed to be our first Basketball session. We wanted to improve our game together. I can't do that physically with him now, but in a way, I can still get better with him. I can still shoot hoops with Chaz. I'm proud to know this baller. RIP Chaz Bruner. God Bless!



Fun at Willow's Run, Pagliacci, and Math Olympiad


Molly Williams


Alexia Beltran

Spanish Drama 2016

Trisha Brown

Chaz was a competitor with character!  Fierce but a great sportsman.  He always displayed a Christian attitude.

chaz basketball.jfif

Joe Whitlock

Chaz is the most amazing person i ever met. he was the best friend i ever had, and the closest person i ever knew. i needed him all these years. through my low points and my high points he was always there with me. i have such a great love for him, and i never got to tell him enough how much he meant. what happened to my best friend wasn't right. it wasn't fair. Chaz was the type of guy that was supposed to go places and do great things. I don't agree with God's plan for Chaz right now, and i would have readily take Chaz's place if i had the opportunity. but i cant. i just want Chaz to know that i love him. i love you, Ichiban, and while you're away we wont ever forget you.
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